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per year intacts from licensed dispensaries. >>> wyche -- we've had fatal accident on san mateo bridge. let's find out the latest on that >>> hoping to have it cleared by 5:30 right now on the western portion on the right of your screen. blocking the right lane suv and car involved. unfortunately, it turned out to be a fatal accident. not seeing much slowing until you get past the scene, speeds are at the limit along the flat section into the highrise, eto for this will be 5:30 this morning it speeds at the limit at this time as you travel westbound on the san mateo bridge. bay bridge toll no problems, few cars headed into san francisco westbound no problems upper deck from the incline, cantilever section into san francisco. eastbound and westbound 237 rams closed until 6:00 due to roadwork not seeing slowing detour in place closure right lane eastbound 4 loveridge to somersville due to roadwork until 6:00. chilly start. >>> it is going to stay chilly for the next couple of hours. it is definitely cold out there with inland. also, fog forming around orinda and youtí'ñf"ñ can see in
. >>> good morning. starting san mateo bridge fatal accident this morning, westbound you can see brake light as preparing the highrise on the downward side of the highrise approaching foster city boulevard still blocking right lane, coroner on scene and fire trucks, minor slowing approaching the scene due to the hour, chp hopes to have that it off there by 5:30. again, westbound san mateo bridge blocking right lane downward side of the highrise. elsewhere bay bridge tolls light no issues into san francisco on upper deck looking good eastbound 4 loveridge to somers veillette lane shut with roadwork until 56 westbound good out of the antioch more roadwork eastbound and westbound 237 connector ramp to southbound 880 closed until 6 a.m., detour in place. >>> 4:42. tech mogul john mcafee is waking up in the united states. what he's saying about the turn of events that brought him home. >>> caltrans tries to give new bay bridge a pr boost. governor is saying no way. >>> justice department says it has broken up a big international data theft ring accused of infecting 11 million computers, causing m
that will head into the sunol grade behind it san leandro, hayward across the san mateo bridge towards redwood city heading towards san jose, sunnyvale and mountain view, american canyon, vallejo across 80, benicia, hercules, el cerrito heading towards pleasant hill, walnut creek, across marin headlands will hit san francisco in 10 minutes already getting a shower from there daly city, south san francisco to pacifica. scattered showers today, low to mid 50s. >>> good morning. past golden gate fields and university avenue, berkeley into emeryville, getting a little busy 80 westbound still moving nicely into the macarthur maze. no delays at the bay bridge toll, wet on the golden gate bridge this morning and light traffic conditions. down three lanes in the southbound direction, two north light week this week traffic wise between christmas sonoma flooding 121, 12 closed at 8th in shellville area due to road being closed and flooded. terry mcsweeney will have an update in a bit. south 101 washington petaluma clearing stages of that accident could be cleared by now. north 680 at mckey, accident in
on the san mateo bridge accident. >>> just getting word from the chp that fatal accident on the portion of the span has been cleared. still seeing emergency lights but lanes are clear westbound traffic is recovering nicely a little slow traffic on the highrise section the flat section is moving along with brake lights before the highrise. accident is clear on the san mateo bridge westbound heading towards foster city. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll and a bit of a back-up beyond west grand overcrossing carpool lanes no issues, san mateo bridge road sensors just under the limit, not bad westbound. westbound 580 before grant line big rig and car off to the right shoulder. chilly start to the morning. >>> it. -- it is. temperatures in the mid 30s inland and upper 30s to low 40s bay shore and coast. king tides today at 10:34 golden gate bridge 7.2 almost as big tomorrow at 11:24. visibility has improved, fog in novato but gone fog around orinda, still there. today low to mid 50s mostly sunny sky. it will be dry. >>> 6:10. hollywood is waking up early for the golden globe nominatio
should say many minor delay for cash paying folks, san mateo bridge good brake lights westbound, moisture, possible rain shower blowing through the san mateo bridge not bad towards foster city and some of your drive times >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news you first saw here on abc7 news 4:30 this morning. 2-year-old girl in the hospital after a truck crashed into an apartment overnight. terry mcsweeney joins us live. >> reporter: we two a chance to talk to a very shaken father you can understand why when you consider a truck pick-up truck comes plowing through, you can see where i knocked didn't the fence, you can see the cardboard over the window that it went through. when it went through that window it went into the crib of 2-year-old nahla robbins. this happened 3:30 this morning. pick-up truck coming along, doesn't show a lot of signs of breaking, slams through the fence, through the wall knocks nahla on to the floor her father runs in sees his child lying there. this is how he tried to express how he felt. >> shocked right now. if something happened to my kid, i don't kno
bridge. >> redwood city saw about 18-20 edge of the flooding yesterday's the san mateo county officials do not expect any problems when the tide speak today. king tides occur several times a year but this week are the biggest of 2012. >> the san mateo bridge is on the ride as zymogen earlier is chilly as you head out the door this morning. hey erica. >> good morning james. these are the call this number we have contended with the entire season. it is cold bundle up and keep the lawyers on into the afternoon. it will be a chilly afternoon around the bay area. it is mild in san francisco 46 degrees. low 44 oakland and san jose. as we approach sunrise the temperatures will continue to dip. thirties' across the north bay livermore coming in at 36. as we head into the afternoon it looks like everyone in the fifties we will not warm up by much as we take a look at our satellite radar picture we will be dry for today. we do have more moisture headed our way to a system will spread through the bay area as we head into tomorrow not a lot of moisture associated with it a lot more in terms of cool
at the hillsdale shopping center in san mateo some stores like old navy are open now. there's some big deals today, you will see signs of mark downs of up to 75% off, stores are trying to turn around pointing sales. new report says sales increased only by .7% obvious last year, 7/10 of 1% nowhere near the growth they were hoping for. -- if you were fortunate to receive a tablet computer or phone you can connect with abc7 news all the time through our apps, download our hit alarm clock app for your iphone, android phone or tablet and kindle fire and our abc7 news app is available for all those devices as well as the ipad. download our apps for free from apple's app store, google play and amazon's app store. >>> the season of giving is not over. how about a free ride? to celebrate its 100th year in service, muni is giving complementary rides this weekend that includes buses, light rail, cable cars and street cars the deal begins at 5 a.m. friday until 5 a.m. saturday. muni is the country's oldest publicly owned transit system. as it does every year muni will offer complementary trips on new year's e
. >>> breaking news on the san mateo bridge where a fatality shut down the right westbound lane heading towards the peninsula. chp says it will be closed for another hour so they hope to wrap it up by 5:30 this morning. the accident happened about 3:30 this morning. chp was called out to the scene for this two-car crash and you can see on our maps here again this is closer to the peninsula side of the bridge. now, it turned out that one person was unconscious in the vehicle. that person died at the scene. so chp and the coroner are now on the scene and investigation continues. the right lane is closed. you can use the dumbarton bridge. keep in mind, there is construction across the dumbarton bridge but we are not seeing any delays as of yet. bay bridge also a good alternate. northbound 101 eastbound construction, eastbound 92 roadwork, as well. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> authorities know a lot more about that oregon mall shooter now but what drove him to kill two people and take his own life on tuesday is still not clear. we're learning more about the victims, as well. and we have more
advisories for all the bay area bridges. this is the san mateo bridge. traffic flowing but wind really whipping around. you know already that we have breaking news about two accidents, a fatal accident on interstate 280 in san francisco and the richmond-san rafael bridge, all lanes closed because of an overturn big rig. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. a live shot here. again, traffic at this early hour, 6:10 on a sunday morning, moving along well. please keep your hands on the wheel. slow down a little bit. this weather has been really wreak havoc. >> up next, the step police want you to see to hopefully lead to a examplar. and plus why san francisco firefighters decided not to go into a historic building as it went up in flames. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. it is showing now rain moving across the north bay, santa rosa, novato, heading this way. everyone getting hit. in the yellow it's the heaviest. again, that's near santa rosa and beyond. >> welcome back, everyone. it is 6:13. this is a live look at napa where there is a lot of concern about the river rising
to in as many. that is where -- he take you live to san mateo. good morning. >> reporter: the rain is not as heavy as it was when i last saw you. its moderate rain right now, but it is steady and like before it is windy and wind is pushing it in gusts. horizontally, we're here in a fairly empty parking lot. i think people are arriving to work to set up shop but we are pretty alone and cold. the wind gusts that are pushing the rain horizontally are creating standing water across san mateo, parts of san mateo. i would imagine most people won't be standing out in the rain at any time this morning. if you headed out to last minute shotgun or hitting road to go visit family and friends for the holiday, be sure to allow you extra time. be sure to check your abc app, i have my phone in a bag so it doesn't get wet. but i see that more rain is headed our way for the peninsula and headed south. my photographer and i were bracing ourselves for more wind, more rain and a little more chilly temperatures will bring you the latest in about 30 minutes. for now, we're live in san mateo abc7 nice. >
through san mateo, redwood city, over to union city. thunderstorms here from davenport, boulder creek, lighter rain as you get into the rain shadow from campbell and san jose. more moderate rain from the san ramon valley, 580, walnut creek, everybody looking at heavy rain. look at i-80, a heavier cell, watch out benicia and concord, american canyon, as well. temperatures in the upper 40s to the mid 50s right now. south winds keeping us mild. heavy rain this morning, scattered thunderstorms, gusty winds and then we'll do it all over again tomorrow morning. a little break comes this afternoon and tonight. high surf advisory this afternoon with northwest swells up to 19 feet. the system right now pushing through the bay area but we have unstable air associated with it. that is going to allow for possibility of some thunderstorms, you see that up in the north bay. this one is going to bring a rainy morning but dry throughout the afternoon. heaviest rain pushing into the east bay and we've got showers behind the system. by 11:00, really not bad, but low snow levels, lake county, here is th
kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >>> san mateo police have successfully detonated hazardous materials found inside a home. reggie kumar is live with the latest. what happened here? >> reporter: the san mateo county bomb squad found acid and explosives used by the military inside the garage of this home as well as ether. so these chemicals were dettated in the -- detonated in the front yard of the home. crews were called in to dispose of the chemicals located inside the garage. the bomb squad felt the chemicals were too dangerous to be moved and detonated at a different location. they dug a hole and placed sandbags around it. the home's windows were boarded up, but they still broke during the explosion. the homeowner who kept these chemicals inside his garage were there for 30 years. the neighbor was a dentist and chemist. he has passed away. his widow did not want to speak with us on camera. 500 homes in the area were asked to shelter in place. we'll hear from the fire battalion chief. >> there was lots of chemicals that we were
accident on the san mateo bridge and the westbound direction. we're hearing multiple cars were involved. this accident happened around 330 this morning. yoli as of this is live at the scene of the accident >> about 10 minutes ago the coroner's office wrapped up their part of the investigation. a few minutes after that the two cars that were in a bit involved in this fatality were towed away. chp met their target time. they said by 6:00 they would have this clear and sure enough that is what they have. all three lanes are open, of the far right lake was closed down. at this point all three lanes are open. ec traffic as a little slow, that may be a combination of the bottleneck from a few minutes ago. it is still trying to clear up. part of it is just it's a morning commute, it is just starting. it seems to be moving along now >> they said they thought they would have the same clean up by 610 at 6:00 it is clear. robin tracking the slowdown on the salmon sale bridge >> as you deserve from our reporter on the scene all lanes are open on the dumbarton bridge. good news for commuters. drive
on the san mateo bridge. let's go to gianna for the details. >> we have a news crew on scene now bringing you our first live pictures of this accident. this is the westbound side of the san mateo bridge just as you work your way towards foster city. now this is a two-car crash around 2:30 this morning. chp was called to the accident. one person in the vehicle has died at the scene. we are learning that it is a woman who is now dead. one lane shut down as a result. chp says at least until 6:00. at first they were hoping 5:30 for all lanes to open but again that right lane will be shut down now at least until 6:00. as you can see in our live picture, it is a very active scene. fire crews are still there. the coroner has been called out. the investigation is under way. and again, two cars were involved in this accident. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. let's jump to the san mateo bridge. this view is east side towards the flats section. doesn't look like much of a backup. but closer to the accident you will start to see some brake lights. you can get across the bay by using the bay br
at the time, or did that happen later? >> san mateo county did not exist when they originally chartered it. i think there were 16 counties, and a few years later, they said they were too large, so they doubled back and created san mateo county. >> this is an early map of an area that might have been known as san francisco, but it did not have a defined southern boundary yet. >> the city i believe was up larkin street, and everything west was counties. i think larkin was here. that is the original charter. then in 1850, van ness, who was the supervisor, did the addition. it was called the western addition, even though it was in the middle of the city, because it was west of larkin. >> i did not understand that when i was a child. it always seemed that it was east of where everything i knew was. >> all this down here was county of san francisco, so there was a point in time where you could be in the county of san francisco, but not in the city you live in these outside lands. >> lead problem is if you look at the orientation, no. is up. we are going to turn it the way we are normally accustomed
accident on the san mateo bridges a you head out to the high-rise. so -- as you head out to the high-rise, so far the right lane will be blocked as they wait for the coroner to arrive. this is on the san mateo bridge and we are not sure how it will affect the traffic as the morning wears on so we will let you know. also the morning commute is looking good a long 101 approaching the 880 split, it is 441 let's go back to the desk. >>> people are about to see some of the highest tides of the year. king tides are expected to be here tonight. >> yes. >> reporter: this place is notorious for flooding but especially since king tides are actually around. king tides have rolled in yesterday and there is signs that people who may be coming here will know about possible flooding today and tomorrow. but this is location that is typically affect by high tides. we saw water under the under carriage of vehicles and we actual little had king tides in january and february but this occurrence had some water cresting around the field and a portion of the beach area but some areas we will look be lookin
:00 in the morning south bay. 5:00 from the san mateo bridge south where we have the steadier rain really light by 7:00, almost over by 9:00, then some of the scattered showers will develop as we head into the afternoon. best chance of snow up to our north. rainfall amounts 10th to quarter inch in south bay, the rest of us could get up to quarter maybe half inch in higher elevations. it will introduce us to winter-type temperatures, 50s through saturday, slightly warmer sunday and monday. >>> nice live shot of the san mateo bridge, clear and relatively light, a little busy towards foster city everything at the limit. 13 to 14 minute drive from hayward to san mateo typical for this time of morning. clear out of the san mateo bridge san rafael headlights headed southbound past lucas valley road, ymca towards the civic center, light roadwork waldo grade up and over to the golden gate bridge, down to one lane southbound across the bridge until 5:30. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville left lane blocked roadwork, westbound drive from antioch towards pittsburg at the limit. here's southbound and northboun
16 to 18 minutes. this is regardless of your approach. the san mateo bridge is still doing good at 13 minutes. for the golden gate bridge ride is still easy as you come through marin county. >> the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week by 17,000, reversing four weeks of declines. the gop controlled house is moving ahead today on a bill that would keep the bush era taxes cuts in place for all americans accept those earning more than $1 million a year. this is so called plan b only deals with the tax hikes. not the automatic across-the-board spending cuts that will kick and after the first of the year. but democrats say that the plan will not pass the senate and the president has already said that he would veto it if it is passed. the consensus is that we will go over the fiscal cliff. but hopes are a deal will get done by the current congress which is on january the third. >> seven 04 a.m.. vice- president joe biden will be meeting today with the law enforcement officers from around the country. he is leading a task force that will look at ways of reduci
or delays or meter lights. >> the san mateo bridge is quiet here this morning traffic moving smoothly both east and west bound. at the golden gate bridge construction in marin county be down to one lane as you make your way towards the bridge south bound. right now very few cars making their right of the span. >> falling on this friday morning. san jose is getting a break our reporter explains. >> this is a common sight along santa clara st. in downtown san jose. next to operational businesses council member says he and his colleagues to try to change this. released a proposal called for business. the goal is to lower the cost of new businesses to open up by requiring landlords to charge $1 or less per square foot. for a 12 month period he says this will encourage businesses to lease. in turn the city will waive the permit and license the associates' incomwith fixing of commercial space. >> for tenant improvements as well as what other improvements they need to get up and running and p.m. permits they need. a lot of small businesses are looking to get going in this economy. >> the proposal
were in san mateo earlier this morning, tell us how the drive is and how the new location compares. >> our drive from san mateo to los gatos was a steady pouring down rain, but it wasn't very heavy. we had the wind khial wipers on the whole time. very slick conditions on the road. but now we're here in los gatos the rain is much lighter than it was. it's moving toward the central coast. highway 17 is slick. we passed one of those electronic traffic signs and it said reduce speed. handful of cars but they are not reducing their speed but hopefully people will be careful out there. we have video from san mateo where it was deluge this morning pouring rain a, who are piston dal rain that -- horizontal rain that was making rain standing water. there was a lot of standing water. as the sun starts to rise. the light of day appears, it seems the vein disappearing. again you'll need those windshield wipers and need to keep headlights be on and be aware there will be slick conditions. nothing like the downpour we saw as early an hour ago. pulling up my "abc 7 news" app and live doppler does
for the hot topic section. >> let's go to sal because something is happening on the bay bridge the san mateo bridge, the traffic so far has not been too too adversely affected -- too adversely affected. we also have more light coming into san francisco from oakland. looking at the west bay, no problems problems as you go to 880. >>> what we have is a cold air mass. a cool and breezy day today. and some of that fog in the north bay could be awful. we will keep an eye on things. i know novato has not reported anything yet and there are some pockets up in the north bay. we have a lot of 30s and a lot of companies and cord cord 32 up in tahoe. >>> everybody is in on that cold air mass and some is settling in and rapidly dropping down there. could be a few pop ups and then they split. watch what happens by friday morning. it could be happening in oakland and along the coast yet not happening in san jose or contra costa. it will be that type of a pattern and after saturday, one should come in again, and the systems are going so fast. chilly breezy, morning fog cooler on the 10th. cool and price i
, redwood city 34 in the san mateo. we are expecting a storm to press through, overnight. we could see the tail end of that moisture system trickling in for the morning. however, for tomorrow afternoon, a bit more spotty in nature. >> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve. we hope you'll join us for the celebration. .. music's, ready ! share the harmony... she'll be here soon ! she'll love this ! share a sweeter welcome... hey, hola, cómo estás ? hello, hey everyone. hi. es un pla-cer co-no-cer-te. encantada. share everything. this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. hurry in for a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >>pam: now for today's market update. stocks end the day down. after little progress was reported in the ongoing budget negotiat
. maybe a quarter inch to an inch of rain along the san mateo coast, skyline and santa cruz mountains. already san francisco is approaching a half inch of rain. another quarter to an inch to the north and south. but there is a pretty good looking ban going over us. san francisco almost a half inch of rain. there is a line. you can see stretching from concord back over toward berkeley and highway 24. and right toward san francisco you can see that is pretty heavy rain right off the marin head lands. there is pockets of very heavy rain there. it looks like it's flowing south. you can see right off the coast as well things have been enhancing. also over toward interstate 80 over toward hercules, pinole, and back over toward lafayette. things are beginning to fill in. overall the line is taking a west to east angle and it's moving over us. rain here for some not at all. it will be cloudy. for others light rain and drizzle. there are pockets where it's approaching heavy now. 60s ons temps today. morning rain decreasing throughout the day. along the coast highway 1 up on santa cruz mountain
looking decent out of oakland. with- no issues-. the san mateo bridge, also no problems of the tropic looking good on the approach. 13 minutes. no issues on the bay bridge toll plaza. and still, no slow downs. just 22 minutes out of novado into the city. james? >> san francisco firefighters battled an early morning fire in the noe valley neighborhood. the fire broke out around two a-m. in the 14-hundred block of sanchez street near 27th street. it was contained about 15 minutes later. no word yet on how bad the damage was or if there were any injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> police are continuing to investigate materials that were found stored in a san mateo home. police and fire officials detonated the materials found in the home in the 400 block of parrott drive. authorities say the materials were not stable to move without potential of explosion and evacuated the block while warning other residents. the san mateo county bomb squad was also called into the scene. >> there were a lot of chemicals. we were concerned after we spoke with the sheriff's offi
. it looks like, or to san mateo to san jose. the entire heart of the bay area. >> we see more or generate which indicates pretty heavy rain. when we are looking at rain fall rate we're seeing for tens of an inch per hour. >> it looks like the north bay things are wrapping up for santa rosa is installing out? o will it was true? >> it will continue to push through. maybe scattered showers in the north bay. the brunt of it is done. i do want to zoom in to see if it is raining in your neighborhood. san francisco under the gun into daly city. for those of you who take 380 i want to demand for a street few. you can see market street heavy rain you need to use your windshield wipers. as we take it to the peninsula heavy rain around the airport. in fact delays of over an hour. hillsboro, burlingame, and san mateo highway 92 experiencing heavy rain. at the start of the 7:00 hour i told you there was heavy rain and the walnut creek area. if that is certainly the case as we take a look at rain fall rate. it is not to bad about two tenths of an inch per hour. 3 tenths of an inch around pleasant hill
highs plenty of low 60s. another cold day ground the bay area. 634 oakland. 62 for san mateo and hayward. here is the wet weather we are tracking on satellite and radar you can see most of the moisture sitting over northern california. this is slow moving. it will start to stall out and not be as intense as it bay area. you can see on futurecast 4:09 a.m. later to day light rain picking up from palo. 2:00 p.m. today it will stick north of the golden gate. 2:00 a.m. the overnight hours of light rain it looks like it picks up intensity tomorrow morning and will spread its way south as we head into tomorrow afternoon. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is showing showers from maybe the next 24 hours. after that pretty good conditions. dry conditions around the bay area. we will continue with mild weather as we head into the weekend. that is your weather here in the traffic center. not looking at any hot spots the bay bridge ride is good to go out of oakland into san francisco. very few cars on the road i count them on one hand. no metering lights to deal with. top speed up the inclin
. oakland is that 44 san mateo is a 46, 39 for pleasanton, 34 in concord. tomorrow for what all those will be in the 30's and some of us will be in the '20s to morning. satellite and radar show us we have basically clear conditions overnight. we will stay dry for the most part. we have a slight chance for a shower keeping in mind for the most part we will be dry for today. you can see and parts of oregon they're getting snow. seattle is also reporting a dusting of snow this morning. >> winter weather advisory until noon today. get ready for the cold with the frost advisory. the surge to more morning until 8:00. you concede a frost advisory and the shoreline communities and also the interior eastern make communities. what this basically means is that it will be really cold. we're talking low 20's and 30's the mob. if you have plans, bring them and otherwise complete damage. future cast shows a crowd clouds and increasing tomorrow evening. the north bay along the coast we will see some snow. also some rain moving in. wednesday night in north bay and thursday early morning we will see so
makovec is san mateo with more. >> reporter: the fire department didn't know what they were dealing with so they did everything by the book. here's where they bagged up sand to try to keep these chemicals safe before they blew it up. this is the house where the chemicals were found in san mateo on parrott drive. the windows boarded up. it was an exercise for all of the emergency responders involved and for the entire neighborhood. the fire department got a call around 4:30 yesterday afternoon saying the person who lives this is house found a cache of chemicals in the basement that had apparently been here for more than 30 years. >> it was acid and ether. we were told they were -- something that needed to be taken care of on site. they couldn't transport it. it's very dangerous. the chance of explosion was real great. >> reporter: so neighbors sheltered in place, there was going to be a big explosion and not to worry and all clear was given at about 9 p.m. the lesson to be learned here is if you see anything suspicious in your household and property don't touch it. something leaking
inland low to mid 50s. >>> hayward towards san mateo, the san mateo bridge 92 lights curve towards the highrise other than thatf]

>> contra costa county deputies hope someone will help them find a man who es

is light and live and no issues coming into san francisco on the upper deck. same with the san mateo bridge, a little crowded towards the highrise westbound no significant delays, 13 to 40 minute drive. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn. there was a high speed chase involving a chp vehicle that was flipped and injured the officer. that is on eastbound 580 still near north flynn it could be blocking a lane that's where it was in the eastbound direction there was some confusion about which direction. chp letting us know it is blocking the left lane. wrong way car westbound 80 has been cleared. >>> city leaders may be ready to make major tweak to subway project. the neighborhood that could be the last stop. >>> young cancer patient taken from the hospital by her mother. why police say the search for her is now a race against time. >> good monday morning. live look outside highway 87 in san jose roads dry. also cold. the air out there very chilly. meteorologist mike nicco will check out your forecast. sue will look at your commute. >>> the head of san francisco's muni sy
. >>> we are live at the san mateo bridge causes some delays, we will tell you what to expect. >>> they are hoping to get answers in a homicide investigation this morning. we will tell you why they are calling a woman's death suspicious. >>> and a coming is on -- college is on lockdown following a bold crime. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you december 13th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve, should we be worried about frost? >> well, i have seen a little bit of that and don't forget your pets as well. polk valleys and yes, there are some critical manipulate mums. and -- minimums here is sal. >>> traffic does look good as you head to the high-rise with no major problems. there is a little bit of a backup in some of those far left lanes and for the most part there is a slight back up on the san mateo. let's go to tara moriarty who has been following this story since 4:30, tara? >> reporter: it left about 15 minutes ago but it has impacted traffic on 792
the incline and across the upper deck. >> no worries at the san mateo bridge the drive is 12 minutes from and to end. south bound 1 01 will have to contend with wet roadway spiri. >> noise does to talk about cutting out of marin county. >> will have to take quick break. we will be right we are back. a quick check on gas prices in the bay area and across the state they continue to fall through the month of december. >> every metro area in northern california restaurant a decrease that the pope since last month. that is according to a spokesperson with triple a. >> here's a look at today's averages. >> in san francisco the average for regular gas of talent--gallon of gas is $3.62. >> across the bay and oakland is $3.50 a gallon. >> and in san jose the cheapest and the bay area. the average is $3.49. the state average for today is $3.55. >> and here on the bay area news will be right back stay tune to kron 4. ?Ñ we are back. 4:19. a live look out of downtown stethoscope as in from our james lick freeway camera. >> the entire bay area waking up with some sort of death is from overnight showe
is moving nicely in both directions, no problems to report. we have a problem on the san mateo bridge. there you go, this is a look at 101, and no fog is here, traffic on the right-hand side, southbound as you make your way towards fso, no problems. 6:01, let's head back to the desk. >>> developing news of a traffic stop accident in san francisco, it smashed a fire hydrant and -- and shut down essex street. you can see this is near the on ramp to the bay bridge happening right now. it shut down because water from a busted fire hydrants damage -- hydrant damaged scaffolding. a -- police were trying to pull over a man for being suspected of driving under the influence. that intersection will be closed until all of the damage particularly to that scaffolding is deemed safe. >>> in the meantime, a hit-and- run driver in the south bay, the victim of that incident has died from his injuries. jeanine della vega is at the intersection where all of this happened. gored morning jeanine -- good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: this is where the accident happened. this gas station here, fast food a
otherwise things pick up past university into the macarthur maze. san mateo bridge getting busy westbound tail lights towards the highrise towards san mateo eastbound direction traffic flowing nicely just a little slow traffic from hayward towards foster city. slow out of antioch, typical, hillcrest to 242 in concord for this time of the morning. slow traffic out there al 0 grant line earlier spin-out cleared. roadwork still to be picked up in a few minutes eastbound dumbarton should be cleared momentarily. >>> new this morning, in a few hours the coast guard will be back out at mare island to search for the man who disappeared from a tugboat over the weekend. that's where we find amy hollyfield with more on the equipment crews plan on using itch >> reporter: the u.s. caught is going to be -- using a sonar video camera this morning to search the strait where they think they will find the man. 77-year-old philip mattingly of fair oaks disappeared saturday night. he been working on a world war ii vessel from a tugboat that was docked at vallejo's mare island. police say his personal items w
much looking like that all across the upper deck. similar story by the way on the san mateo bridge. completely different had morning than yesterday after that awful fatal accident that really backed up traffic for a while. this morning free and clear both directions between hayward and foster city. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the highest tides of the year hitting the bay area and they are expected to continue today, as well. the so-called king tides submerged beaches all along the shorelines yesterday. take a look. in some spots the water rushed into town. tide hit its peak yesterday mid- morning. in some areas the water only rows a couple of inches, in others several feet. a group was scrambling to stack sandbags around their building. >> it's been coming in incredibly fast. looked like it was filling up a bathtub. >> think it's pretty amazing and it's coming up really high. >> bill hudson sent us this video of high tide. they were as high as the bumper on several suvs. >>> same thing happening in southern california. drivers had to deal with flooding on th
the sunol grade. town toward mission boulevard. as you come across the san mateo bridge you will run in light rain around foster city boulevard and ride into san mateo right now. best radar returns are over the santa cruz mountains. as far as the rain, you can see it coming in waves of mist and light rain. as we head past noon, all of us have an isolated afternoon shower at least a chance. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. >> east shore freeway, richmond on to university and onto albany and berkeley, servicing crowded but it's funneling into bay bridge toll plaza. trouble spot north 101 sunnyvale. two lanes blocked. slow traffic backing towards the lawrence expressway. the waze app that shows the northbound standstill all the way back towards the lawrence expressway. this is free app you can download on apple app store or google play. >>>. >>> new this morning, president obama is back at the white house after visiting newtown, connecticut. he walked out of marine one after delivering an emotional tribute to the victims of the tragedy. he called on the nation to change so another ma
from cortamadera with more storm watch coverage in 30 minutes. >>> similar scene in san mateo, the rain soaked soil proved to be too unstable to keep this tree upright. the mess it created at central park on el camino real yesterday downtown san mateo, massi cleanup, it blocked traffic for several hours. one person reported a minor injury. more rain concern in marin for some residents digging out after a small creek overflowed, one resident in the sleepy hollow section snapped pictures. six inches of mud covered his lawn and filled his pool four inches of water, ruined floors in two homes. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the storm any time on when weather hits your area, we want to see it. our photos. >>> it -- it is raining hard in berkeley now making harder for police investigating who shot a bicyclist to death it happened near long fellow middle school near sacramento and ward streets where amy hollyfield joins us live with new information. >> reporter: the rain is coming down here in berkeley, it is raining hard, the investigat
in san mateo say they are surrounded by angels. almost every day, they pay off customer's lay away. >> it is fabulous and makes me want to go out and do something like that. >> sameera chatfield said do about gooders come in all shapes and sizes. >> they wanted a kid's toy that he wanted to pay off. >> we found a toy for him and he was happy. >> reporter: the recipients of the random acts of shopping are overjoyed. one lady was in the hospital and when i told her, she started crying. you know. to me, that was really a touching moment and almost made me want to cry. >> reporter: she was buying toys for needy kids and said angels among us restore faith in people. >> i remember my mom having no money. i got nothing for christmas. i thought it would be great to see a child happy. >> reporter: this is happening at k marts across the country. their customers have paid off more than a million dollars in lay aways anonymously. live in san mateo lore rang belong co. ktvu news. >>> -- lorraine blanco. >> ccf needs 30,000 full time students to get full state funding. it had 32,600 last year
pavilion and julian on-ramp. san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city and highrise traffic moving at the limit both directions on the san mateo bridge light. live shot of the bay bridge toll, a little busy, certainly no delays no issues on upper deck coming into san francisco. north 101 university on-ramp blocked with accident richmond eastbound 80 central off-ramp blocked while they clear an accident. >>> 4:40. >>> who says there is no such thing as a free ride? not san francisco muni. next you will see when people will be able to ride on the city's dime, certain people. >>> i want to know when! >>> new information about how the fiscal cliff standoff is hitting the economy. the add pressure on washington to reach >>> live look from our vollmer peak cam east bay hills bay bridge there, you can see how chilly it is in spots and you don't see fog. both those conditions are out there. mike will update you on that in a few minutes. >>> in an hour the labor department will release november jobs report analysts the unemployment rate to remain at 7.9%. economists blame everything from sa
at the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic flowing pretty well in both directions. 880 same story. no delays. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. >>> we begin with developing news this morning. police in berkeley are investigating the fatal shooting on a bicycle. it happened shortly after 11:30 last night. alex savidge joins us now from the crime scene on sacramento street. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. lieutenant out here on scene told me it's much too early to say what the motive may have been for this deadly shooting. we do know a man was riding his bike here late last night when she was shot to death. you can see the investigation still ongoing. the shooting happened right outside of long fellow middle school. just about an hour ago we watched as the coroner took away the man's body. he hasn't yet been identified here. police were called out around 11:30. they got 911 calls about a bicyclist down on the sidewalk. officers arrived and quickly realized this man had been shot an eventually pronounced dead out here. homicide investigators are trying to find
francisco. >> the san mateo bridge where traffic on 92 of a light side. no problems to report. no problems on the high rise. >> the golden gate bridge traffic is not existent at the hour. there you go. one car. in the breakdown direction. if you are heading out to marin county for now is an easy ride. >> we will be back with more headlines on the kron 4 djrning news continues. and at 4:09. keeping an eye on wall street this morning. as market features indicate all three indexes are in the green in pre-market trading creat. >> let us take a look at yesterday's numbers. >> the dow jones up 100 points to 13,000 to lead to 35. >> the nasdaq also up 39 points to 3010. >> at the s and p also closing at 17. up to 1430. >> will be keeping an eye on the stock market all morning starting at 6:38 a.m. with the opening bell. >> also take a look at gas prices this morning as the national average continues to fall. >> here is a look at your bay area and gas prices. >> in san francisco the average right now is $3.61 for a gallon of regular gas. >> across the bay in oakland, it is $3.49 a gallon. >> and i
, and that will probably be about the worst of it today. 63 in mountain view and 60 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s and inside the bay, sunny skies. 62 in oakland, and 61 in alameda. beautiful weather for the weekend. do it if you can, lots of sunshine and warmer weather through monday. then we start to cool things off. maybe showers return by next wednesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with giana. >>> traffic is cruising right along, not a car on the bridge. the only thing you need to look out for a s construction. -- is construction. if you are headed across the bridge at foster city connecting to 101 101 you are going to see roadwork. we're not seeing a lot of delays on 101 but you might see some on the san mateo bridge as you work your way toward foster city. we did have a trouble spot, university onramp from 101 is flow cleared. chp got a that out of the way. we had an overnight accident blocking the lane there. and coming off the bay bridge, so far so good, road work on the upper deck blocking one lane once you get into the san francisco th
. sun, shrouds, showers. they are picking up. especially along the san mateo coast and the santa clara valley and reports of hail. otherwise it is cold breezy conditions. if our forecast models are right. they will last a week and 10 days and next week could be beneficial for this sierra nevada. and some of the higher elevations. north star and kirkwood and finally snow was way too lie. we had the rain. they didn't get much. you can see things picked up in the sierra. much lower snow level. for us coming out of the northwest and even san jose, there are a little bit of mixed precipitation in the foothills and maybe light snow and right now, everything is favoring over towards the peninsula. and half moon bay. back over 92. san mateo and palo alto and right by redwood city. and we see yellow and orange. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a little bit of hail right now. it is east palo alto and palo alto, menlo park and redwood city. we are not done yet. it is a band off the area. it is forming right there. swing in an hour or two. confining itself to the san mateo, santa cruz. and morg
of resources. >>> a woman is dead after a crash on the san mateo bridge. it happened on 3:30 on the far right lane of westbound highway 92. they say and suv plowed into a small sedan driving slowly because of a flat tire. the driver of the sedan had minor injuries but the passenger in the back seat was declared dead at the scene. >>> the london coroner releases new details about the death of a nurse who committed suicide after falling for a prank regarding the dutchess of cambridge. >>> plus it is cold outside. your weekend forecast is always in view. meteorologist steve paulson is here with what you can expect. >>> software company founder john mcafee is back on u.s. soil. what he is saying he left behind in belize. [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie doug
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evacuated in san mateo after volatile materials were discovered in a home on parrot drive. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang is there and joins us live with the latest. alan? >> let me show you the hole that the san mateo bomb squad dug up to detonate and bury some highly volatile chemicals. they also boarded up the windows to protect them from the concussion of the blast. but i am told the shock waves were so strong they still shattered every window. it started out as a hazardous materials clean up project called in by the wife of the former chem mystery -- chem mystery teacher who passed away. after analyzing the jars and jars of chemicals hazmat evacuated the met neighbors because two of the jars contained highly volatile chemicals. >> that was period we were told that was stuff that was taken care of on site. >> the acid is considered an explosive just like tnt and ether can be explosive. 500 homes are issued a warning. those neighbors who were evacuated are back in their homes. reporting live in san mateo, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>> a south bay freeway became a crime sce
will have more on cbs5 coming up at 11:00. >>> the saga surrounding the san mateo 7-eleven is taking yet another twist. kit do has been following this story and brings us the latest intrigue in this convenience store conflict. >> reporter: this new 7-eleven in san mateo had only been open for 13 days when the city planning commission voted to shut it down. but the story of how it was allowed to open in the first place has now reached the highest levels of city government. >> quiet honestly i hope that there is no shenanigans going on because i don't want to live in a city doing that. >> reporter: it used to be an old italian deli six months ago. the zoning should revert back to residential, but 7-eleven was granted a permit anyway. neighbors cried foul saying the whole process was rushed and done behind closed doors. >> they tried to slip it under the radar. really what happens, they got caught with the hands in their cookie jar by saying it's not fair. >> reporter: they pointed the finger at the city council member, jack matthews whose architecture firm called them numerous times right
pushed off the road southbound 101 before poplar in san mateo, slow as crews are on the scene. >>> 30 within. the community of newtown, connecticut, will begin to try to get back to normal this morning. schools will reopen and most students will go back to class. katie marzullo is live with that. >> reporter: all schools in newtown are opening for the first time since friday's shooting, except sandy hook elementary. state police cezanne did hook will remain a secure crime scene, indefinitely. -- there will be more children funerals today. several wakes are scheduled for today. two 6-year-old boys have already been laid to rest jack pinto and noah posner. we are learning jetblue jumped to help the posner family when know with what's put out a call for help. she wanted to bury handwritten notes from family members with her son but his cousin lives in sale. when others failed, jetblue got the letter on a plane and did it make it there. as for the investigation police are trying to get information out of a computer found at the home of the shooter adam lanza and his mother it was badly da
, then back past that to johnson avenue as you head towards campbell. a little light rain on the san mateo bridge, a little more around the marin headlands, if you are heading out in the next 15 minutes sausalito about to get wet. scattered showers this afternoon, light to moderate rain, ponding on the roads possible and small hail. . >>> that break you just mentioned that's what road crews are counting on to make repairs to areas flooded by the downpour. one of the hardest hit areas is where highway 12 meets highway 121 in sonoma county. terry mcsweeney joins us live from there. it just reopened. >> reporter: it just reopened at 7:00, it was closed all night this is the epicenter of the flooding you can see the water and the cones out, everybody here knows this area is yet again, one high tide or one downpour away from more flooding. the water sits on the shoulder of highways 12 and 121 in sonoma, giving you a good idea what closed this road you couldn't get through the water covered all lanes last night. about 7:00 this morning, the waters receded and the road reopened. down the road at
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